Why are midwives so important?

The fundamental beliefs midwives stand by are centered on the care of the mother and the child. Midwives truly believe that birth should be natural and empowering. 

As society lept towards intense medical care and medical interventions, midwives throughout history saw that most interventions actually aren’t needed and can even be detrimental to the mother or baby. There’s no pressure to use medications or interventions. Instead, midwives focus on what your comfort level is and what techniques will benefit you. 

Midwives are simply there to guide and support you. They believe that your birth should be incredibly special because it is such a monumental moment. One of the most important aspects of midwifery is education. Midwives are present to educate and guide you throughout prenatal care, birth, and postpartum. With one-on-one conversations, you’re more likely to be prepared and equipped for the big day. 

Education is paramount during pregnancy. It’s important that mothers understand every aspect of what’s happening to their body, how they can maintain good health, and how their baby is growing. Midwives strive to build mutual trust with their mothers, ensuring you feel informed and in charge of your body. We truly believe that the best outcome is achieved when you feel educated and empowered.

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