The Benefits of Water Births

Water births provide a gentle and comfortable birthing experience for both you and your baby. As society is progressing, more and more women are opting for water births. Natural birth is a wonderful and viable option for many mothers and the benefits of water births are astounding. 

With medical research and firsthand accounts from mothers, we’ve learned the many positive effects water births provide. 

A comfortable birthing experience: It’s so important to feel comfortable throughout labor and birth. We’re not going to sugar coat it, birth is definitely an uphill battle. Water birth can actually subdue the pain of labor and birth for both you and your baby. 

The opportunity to switch positions: If you’re giving birth in a birthing tub, there are multiple options for positioning. Throughout labor, you have the ability to find positions that feel comfortable for you. All bodies are unique. What is comfortable for one mother may not be comfortable for another. 

Water is a natural relaxer: The element water is known to provide a comfortable and relaxing ambience. It relaxes your muscles and supports your body simultaneously. Water relaxes the perineum, which can prevent the significance of vaginal tearing. 

A warm welcome: Your baby has been surviving in amniotic fluid for the past 9 months. With a water birth, it’s a gentle welcome into this world. 

Relieves pain: Similar to the relaxing traits water holds, it also is a natural pain reliever. Water relieves the pressure and provides significant pain relief during birth. 

Water births reduce perineal trauma and eliminates episiotomies: Perineal trauma is when the space between your vagina and anus tears during childbirth. An episiotomy is a cut that’s performed by doctors to widen your vagina if there is trouble with delivery. This is a major benefit as both perineal trauma and episiotomies are very common during childbirth. 

Water births are highly praised and recommended by midwives, physicians, and mothers due to the array of benefits they provide. It encourages an easier birthing process for the mother and child.

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