Homebirth Package:

Prenatal Care

We begin our journey together in the prenatal stages, meeting consecutively for hour-long visits in your home. These visits are designed to build trust, offer guidance, and ensure you and your baby stay healthy throughout the entire process.  All routine prenatal testing and screens are available and included.  Throughout care, I am available for any questions or concerns you may have. Clients are encouraged to reach out between visits without hesitation.


Once it’s time for your baby to arrive, together we will determine the best time for me to join you at your home. With the support of a birthing assistant, I will arrive fully prepared and equipped with all necessary supplies. A comfortable and inviting space will be created to ensure your labor goes smoothly and you feel at ease.

After your baby is born, we will stay with you in the immediate postpartum for a minimum of 4-6 hours.  Once you are ready I can check for any lacerations and discuss repairs, ensure you’ve eaten, and prepare you for the first 24 hours before I return. I perform a comprehensive newborn exam, check vitals, and make sure everyone is healthy and stable. Breastfeeding education and support is also provided when needed.

Postpartum Care

Within the first six weeks following the birth, I will return for at least 6 in-home postpartum care visits.  Logistics like filing for your baby’s birth certificate and social security card will be covered. This time is to guarantee you and the baby are staying healthy and thriving.  There is no need to see your pediatrician for the first 6 weeks following the birth.

*Access to Midwifery care and Homebirth for all families is deeply important to us.  Please contact us for information on payment plans, insurance billing, and other funding assistance.

 Placenta Medicine package

Honor and utilize your amazing placenta with a beautiful print made at your bedside, a custom tincture, cord keepsake, and easy-to-take capsules all delivered to you at the 3-day postpartum visit.


  • A large print of your placenta on watercolor paper
  • Placenta Tincture
  • Placenta Capsules

Private Home birth Preparation Class

Many families over the years have expressed frustration with childbirth classes focused on hospital policies and birth.  This is a class designed to specifically prepare for your homebirth. 

We offer a  two-part childbirth education series totaling 6 hours designed with out-of-hospital birth in mind.  This course will fully prepare you for your birth and postpartum.  During the class, we will discuss the stages of labor, give you tools to optimize support, examples and opportunity to practice coping skills, and dive deep into the options for you and your baby during and after birth.     


  • Our complete client workbook
  • Labor coping strategies
  • Birth Plan creation
  • Creating your birth space meditation
  • Newborn care
  • postpartum planning

Mother Blessing

A Blessingway, or Mother’s Blessing, is a celebration of pregnancy and becoming a mother that focuses more on the mother than the baby. During a Blessingway, a group of her closest friends will come together and honor her pregnancy and journey into motherhood.


  • Facilitation of ceremony at client’s home
  • Birth journey mediation
  • 3 activities 
  • Herbal foot bath
  • Blessing circle 
  • Birth candles

What's Included:

  • One on one hour long prenatal visits for the duration of your pregnancy
  • Focus on emotional and physical health throughout
  • Nutritional counseling
  • A complete handbook of information regarding pregnancy, birth and baby care
  • Email and phone support to answer any questions or concerns
  • Attendance at the birth of your baby with a
    primary midwife and assistant
  • The option of water birth
  • Birth Tub
  • All available lab work and diagnostic tests
  • Help to file the birth certificate for your baby
  • Postpartum visits at your home for 6 weeks
  • Support and guidance for feeding your baby

Water Birth

Birth tubs are proven to be an excellent source of comfort and pain relief. Most of our clients have used a birthing tub or bathtub at one point during their labor and close to 75% of our births happen in the birth tub.  Both the specially designed birth tub and the option of birthing in the tub are completely included in our package.  There is no additional cost.

 Midwives like to call it the “natural epidural” because of water’s innate ability to soothe and relax.

Resting in a warm tub you can feel weightless and calm. A waterbirth has the great ability to help with coping and managing pain levels.  The benefits this option for birthing can have are astounding. You have the choice to labor, birth, or deliver your baby in the tub. Everyone knows what their body needs.  We even have partners or siblings occasionally join mothers in the birth pool! 

Proven Benefits of Water Birth

  • Facilitates mobility 
  • Enables the mother to change positions 
  • Speeds up labor 
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Allows the mother more control 
  • Provides significant pain relief
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Conserves the mother’s energy
  • Reduces the need for drugs or intervention
  • Reduces perineal trauma and eliminates episiotomies
  • Reduces cesarean rates
  • Highly recommended by mothers and experienced providers 
  • Gentle welcome for the baby 
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