How to Prepare Yourself for an Emergency Home Birth?

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Worried or less worried about the labor and everything, you should always prepare yourself for an emergency and should know about how to cop up with an emergency delivery when you reach your final days for delivery. Bay area midwifery is here to help moms or moms to be to prepare themselves for a home […]

5 Clothing You Must-Haves for Your Post Stay in the Hospital

Is the month for delivery is around the corner? Have been excited to go to the hospital? Don’t forget to keep your essentials with you along with some must-have clothes after the delivery and your stay in the hospital. We will give a few tips regarding the must-have clothes for your post-stay. has the best […]

How does a Birth Coach Help You in Postpartum?

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Bay area midwife centers provide birth coaches to the pregnant woman to help them pass their pregnancy journey swiftly and with ease. It is difficult to describe the role of a birth coach in a word and short sentence because they are life saviors for a pregnant woman. They are them to help the young […]

Smart Apps Is Healthy for New Parents

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The duty of new parents is a real struggle whereas it is a different feeling to become a parent and a real bliss but on the other hand, the situation also becomes chaotic when it comes to managing schedules and everything. Here you can take help from your smartphone and download some smart apps to […]

Note to Parents: Your Happiness Matters

home birth midwives near me

Bay area midwifery is here Women from different areas of the globe face different types of mental health issues that are caused due to pregnancy and they are usually referred to as prepartum or postpartum moods. Bay area midwifery is here to guide you and inform you about these moods and how important it is […]

Important Steps to Plan your New Journey Financially

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All new parents face this financial curve after their newborn arrival. It is clear from the bills to outfits to groceries to diapers to doctors to each and everything in the household. Moreover, the new parents get tensed with the additional cost in the beginning. Bay area midwifery can help you in taking you out […]

Bay area home birth

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Homebirth has been around for centuries. In the early ages, home birthing culture was quite common, but now with the technology giving new possibilities, most people prefer hospitals for their upcoming little ones. If we tend to research more regarding the origin of midwifery, we come to know that this term originated from Britain.  The tradition […]

Tools for a Natural Birth: Practical Advice from a Home Birth Midwife

I am frequently asked by the women I work with how they can best prepare for an unmedicated birth. As a home birth midwife I deliver babies born to low-risk women wanting a more natural, low-intervention birth. There is no one type of woman who chooses natural birth, whether at home or hospital. I have […]

Homebirth: Not Just for Hippies

ANSWERING THE MOST COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT HOME BIRTH. Bay Area home birth : I am not a hippie, no really, I promise. I know what you’re thinking… vegetarian, yoga practicing, home birth midwife… Yeah right. I was born at home and raised by genuine, bonafide, tie-dye-wearing, carob-eating, no-television-watching hippies so I understand… but I truly […]

Why are midwives so important?

The fundamental beliefs midwives stand by are centered on the care of the mother and the child. Midwives truly believe that birth should be natural and empowering.  As society lept towards intense medical care and medical interventions, midwives throughout history saw that most interventions actually aren’t needed and can even be detrimental to the mother […]

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