Bay area home birth

Homebirth has been around for centuries. In the early ages, home birthing culture was quite common, but now with the technology giving new possibilities, most people prefer hospitals for their upcoming little ones. If we tend to research more regarding the origin of midwifery, we come to know that this term originated from Britain. 

The tradition of midwives was pursued from Britain and passed to generation after generation of the American civilization. The midwives reach home to home where the women need to give birth and about to give birth.

The idea behind midwives performing home birth 

The Essence behind the concept of midwives performing homebirth is to guide the women throughout the pregnancy process. For centuries midwifery has been a part of our history. We believe giving birth lies deep inside our bodies. We have to trust our bodies and emotions. Midwives play a crucial role in pregnancy as a midwife. A midwife should consider an essential thing to ease the client’s emotional support and the birth process.

bay area home birth

Homebirth is a more natural way that makes women more comfortable. In addition, many partners play a supportive role which makes the environment more suitable for women to give birth. If you live in the bay area, we can help you make your pregnancy more comfortable and natural. Our aim as midwives is to build a solid bond to guide you along with parental care thoroughly. As midwives, we encourage you to glide along with the pregnancy, birth and parental process. Now, if you ever search for a bay area midwife, you know who to contact for a more comfortable bay area home birth.

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