Tools for a Natural Birth: Practical Advice from a Home Birth Midwife

I am frequently asked by the women I work with how they can best prepare for an unmedicated birth. As a home birth midwife I deliver babies born to low-risk women wanting a more natural, low-intervention birth. There is no one type of woman who chooses natural birth, whether at home or hospital. I have […]

Homebirth: Not Just for Hippies

ANSWERING THE MOST COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT HOME BIRTH. I am not a hippie, no really, I promise. I know what you’re thinking… vegetarian, yoga practicing, home birth midwife… Yeah right. I was born at home and raised by genuine, bonafide, tie-dye-wearing, carob-eating, no-television-watching hippies so I understand… but I truly don’t think of myself that […]

Why are midwives so important?

The fundamental beliefs midwives stand by are centered on the care of the mother and the child. Midwives truly believe that birth should be natural and empowering.  As society lept towards intense medical care and medical interventions, midwives throughout history saw that most interventions actually aren’t needed and can even be detrimental to the mother […]

Own your birth with an at-home birthing experience

Midwives provide some of the greatest services a woman can receive during pregnancy; the gift of a natural and personalized childbirth experience.  Childbirth is already intimidating enough, especially if it’s your firstborn. The unknowns, hormones, and checkups can feel really overwhelming. Midwives are there to support you and guide you through this entire process. The […]

The Benefits of Water Births

Water births provide a gentle and comfortable birthing experience for both you and your baby. As society is progressing, more and more women are opting for water births. Natural birth is a wonderful and viable option for many mothers and the benefits of water births are astounding.  With medical research and firsthand accounts from mothers, […]