Why Midwifery?

You deserve to be fully seen, trusted and honored.  The care you receive from a midwife empowers and gives you full autonomy over your health and choices.  Birth is viewed as a profound and healthy function of the body and not a medical condition or illness to be managed. Midwives carefully monitor the progress of pregnancy and labor and recommend appropriate management should complications arise.  Midwives are trained and prepared for unlikely emergencies but trust in birth and your body’s innate wisdom.      

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The midwives in our practice want the birth of your child to be a life-changing, empowering, and beautiful experience for the entire family. We consider childbirth to be a sacred and profound life event and it is our great honor to be a part of your journey.

As your midwives our services are known for exceptional, individualized care. on individualized and compassionate care. A relationship with clients is built over the course of prenatal care based on mutual trust and ensuring you feel informed and in charge.  The best outcome is achieved when you feel educated and can make decisions regarding your care in collaboration with your birth team.

Our role as your midwives is to encourage you in your own ways of moving through pregnancy, birth and mothering.  Together with our clients we carefully monitor the progress of pregnancy and labor, and recommend appropriate management should complications arise.  The key elements of this education, monitoring and decision making are Evidence Based Practice and Informed Consent.

Midwives provide families with care that is individualized and uniquely suited to their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and cultural needs. We are the facilitators of natural and physiologic processes! Countries that utilize midwifery care and home birth have some of the best maternal and infant outcomes! Community-based midwifery care and home birth is considered safe for healthy, low-risk individuals.

Our role as your provider is to:

  • Work with you and your family to promote a healthy pregnancy
  • Provide education to help families make informed decisions about their own care
  • Carefully monitor the progress of the pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum periods
  • Recommend appropriate management if complications arise
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals when necessary
  • Provide evidence-based care and work with families to make evidence-based decisions

Midwifery Services Included


We believe in building a relationship, creating mutual trust, and ensuring you feel informed and in charge. The nine months during pregnancy are some of the most foundational moments. We arrange one-on-one prenatal visits to discuss your wellbeing, your baby’s health, and provide prenatal education.


Postpartum care is just as paramount as prenatal care. For 6 weeks following your birth, we provide home visits. This includes breastfeeding support, ensuring you and the baby are staying healthy, providing education, and answering any outstanding questions you may have.


Birth is a celebration and should be treated with care and dignity. You deserve to feel comfortable, safe, and empowered throughout labor and delivery. Every child is a gift and deserves to be born into a warm, loving environment. Home births are a beautiful and natural experience designed with you in mind.
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